The Nehemiah Project

For Partnership Saturday at Glendale City Church

September 26, 2015

Every two years, our church organizes its volunteers for effective ministry to our congregation’s members and to our neighbors in our city.  This past Saturday, we took some time to honor those who have generously offered their time, energy and talents in service to Glendale City Church.

For my sermon, I looked at Nehemiah, the Jewish civil engineer who did the work of bringing a team of people together who had no business rebuilding a city–and actually rebuilding the gates and the walls.    What does it take to build a city, or a church, to effectively provide safety to those inside its walls while at the same time having an impact far beyond its walls?  I drew some lessons from Nehemiah’s example

Listen here.

2 thoughts on “The Nehemiah Project

  1. I cringe whenever I see someone proclaiming the service of God in a suit.  There is no proper action that can be taken therein.  And it is so the symbol of greed and domination of the corporate world.   Just an observation.  Thank you for all you are doing, even when tied up. Kenn Lutz


    • Kenn, I hear you. Not everyone perceives it the way you do, but more and more people do. This is why we’re creating the Urban Liturgy gathering that will be devoid of stage and the pomp and circumstance.


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