Drop the Mic: Reincarnating the Adventist Faith

1 (3)Seven-part Sermon Series at Glendale City Church

Five-part Article Series in Spectrum Magazine Online

In the winter of 2017, I took a three-month sabbatical to rest, recharge, celebrate my family and reflect on where I am in my spiritual and pastoral journey after 17 years of ministry.

Out of that time came this series of articles and presentations that, out of love for my Adventist faith heritage, present my convictions on where our expression of the Christian gospel needs to move to regain relevancy and impact for the sake of all that mattered to Jesus and for the sake of the people in my city who need healing, restoration and divine-human community.

Links to Series Articles and Presentations

  • Part One: The Toto Pulled Back the Curtain…
  • Part Two: I’m a Good Man, Just a Very Bad Wizard
  • Part Three: Bringing Sabbath Back
    • SPECTRUM, May 26, 2017
    • GLENDALE CITY CHURCH, May 27, 2017
    • SUMMARY.
      • Moving Sabbath from Propositional Truth to Loving Action requires our efforts to bring Sabbath to people where they are exhausted, such as:
        • Releasing them from poverty
        • Helping battered spouses escape their cyclical abuse and establish independent lives
        • Breaking addictions to chemicals, food, or dysfunctional behaviors
      • Bringing these type of Sabbaths opens up a seventh-day celebration of God’s Salvation that continues to operate through God’s people
  • Part Four: Carrying on the High Priestly Ministry of Jesus
    • SPECTRUM, June 5, 2017
    • GLENDALE CITY CHURCH, June 3, 2017
    • SUMMARY: People can catch a glimpse of the advocacy and intercessory work of Jesus in heavenly realms by seeing us become advocates for those who are condemned by society and intercede for those who are being persecuted or denied access to human rights.  Examples would be:
      • Vouching for ex-felons who have a hard time finding work after prison
      • Advocating for full inclusion of LGBTQ individuals into the life of congregations
      • Creating peaceful interactions and dialogue between racial minorities and local police to bring healing and community strength
  • Part Five: A New Earth
    • SPECTRUM, June 14, 2017.  This is the concluding article in the Spectrum series
    • GLENDALE CITY CHURCH, June 10, 2017.  No video or audio available.  There were technical difficulties that corrupted both recordings.  My apologies
    • SUMMARY: Talking about the promise of a new heavens and new earth only becomes believable when we bring pieces of heaven down into our world today.  Our Adventist pioneers did this by:
      • Developing an extensive health ministry
      • Developing an innovative and holistic educational system
      • Working to eliminate the scourge of alcoholism
      • Joining the American abolitionist movement
  • Part Six: The Gift of Prophecy, Part One
    • GLENDALE CITY CHURCH. June 17, 2017
    • INTRODUCTION: I invited the members of Glendale City Church to vote on which historic Adventist doctrine they would like me to “reincarnate” out of truth-telling into loving action.  In a close vote, they selected the Gift of Prophecy.  In my preparation, I realized that I would need two weeks to cover what I believed was crucial to reincarnating this core belief of the Adventist faith.
    • SUMMARY: Prophecy is a gift that operates in different spheres.  One way that Adventists have under-utilized the gift of prophecy is its use in the congregational setting and in one-to-one settings.  Followers of God desperately need timely counsel, encouragement, correction and instruction.  Paul’s writings, especially in 1 Corinthians 14 and Ephesians 4, call us to pursue the gift of speaking God’s truth in love.
  • Part Seven: The Gift of Prophecy, Part Two
    • GLENDALE CITY CHURCH, June 24, 2017
    • SUMMARY: As annoying and frustrating as it is to every organizational level of a religious or political system, all human constructs require that there be people who challenge the status quo of these institutions.  Biblical prophets, Ellen White, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr. and many others have borne this responsibility to sound the wake-up call to religious and political leaders to engage in reformation and revitalization or face the consequences of revolution.

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